Operations Responsibilities

Work Description Board Liason Chairperson
Inside operations: staffing, Events, Cleaning, Water, Garbage, Operations, Paul Gevatkoff Gord Schmidt, Graham Wallace
Chalet Rentals Paul Gevatkoff Charene Pratt
Bar, concession, catering Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Website Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Gaming Grants Shelley Smith Andy Kadziolka
Pro-shop operations, ski repair/maintenance room, Clint Shuman Clint Shuman
Hill safety including signage, snow fence, Jeff Shea Andy Kadziolka
Hill operations including staff training, daily procedures/standards, Paul Gevatkoff Gord Schmidt, Graham Wallace
Ski patrol, Rick Hackworth Rick Hackworth
Lift maintenance, winter/summer Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright
Fund raising and grant applications & follow-up with donators as required. Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Dugout re-filling, Jeff Shea Ray Cox
Snow making Shawn Inkster Bryan Harman
Groomer maintenance Paul Gevatkoff Rob Porteus
Grooming hill and lift line Melanie Triebel Bryan Harman
Lesson programs mgmt.   Kids/Adults/General Melanie Triebel Andy Kadziolka
Brushing runs, Paul Gevatkoff Andy Kadziolka
Hydrant maintenance, Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright
Pump maintenance, Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright
Terrain park development & maintenance Jeff Shea Andy Kadziolka
Capital Projects Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Ski Swap Melanie Triebel Melanie Triebel
Marketing to schools, general, Shelley Smith Gord Schmidt         Bryan Harman
Mountain Bike Trail Project Paul Gevatkoff Jason Reinitz