Operations Responsibilities

Work Description Board Liason Chairperson
Inside operations: staffing, Events, Cleaning, Water, Garbage, Operations, Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Chalet Rentals Paul Gevatkoff Charene Pratt
Bar, concession, catering Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Website Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Pro-shop operations, ski repair/maintenance room, Clint Shuman Clint Shuman
Hill safety including signage, snow fence, Jordan Webster Andy Kadziolka
Hill operations including staff training, daily procedures/standards, Paul Gevatkoff Clint Shuman
Ski patrol, Rick Hackworth Rick Hackworth
Lift maintenance, winter/summer Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright
Fund raising and grant applications & follow-up with donators as required. Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Dugout re-filling, Jordan Webster Bryan Harman
Snow making Jordan Webster Bryan Harman
Groomer maintenance Paul Gevatkoff Ken Paul
Grooming hill and lift line Paul Gevatkoff Bryan Harman
Lesson programs mgmt.   Kids/Adults/General Clint Shuman Bryan Harman
Brushing runs, Jordan Webster Andy Kadziolka
Hydrant maintenance, Jordan Webster Bryan Harman
Pump maintenance, Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright
Terrain park development & maintenance Jordan Webster Andy Kadziolka
Capital Projects Paul Gevatkoff Paul Gevatkoff
Ski Swap Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright
Marketing to schools, general, Clint Shuman Bryan Harman